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Helping women gain control of their eating and their lives through motivation, mindset, awareness and nutrition.

Work One-On-One with Annette:
(in person, phone or Skype)

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3 or 6 Months Available

Here’s What You Will Receive in Your Package

1. One MindBodyWhole Assessment (90 minutes)

This comprehensive consultation will include a review of your Nutritional Intake Form, a 3-Day Diet Recall, a Weight Loss History and Total Metabolic Testing. We will also review your Getting Started Weight Loss Pak and focus on understanding your goals, triggers and behaviors. You will be given a step-by-step plan to follow to get you losing weight immediately.

2. Accountability & Coaching Sessions
These sessions (in-person, Skype or phone; your choice) are meant to keep you focused, motivated, and moving forward with action steps geared to help you succeed. We’ll also take a deeper delve into the right foods to eat, meal suggestions, and more from your Focus on Food Kit.

3. Measurable Results Phone Check-ins or Emails
Weeks that we don’t have coaching sessions, we will touch base by phone or email. You will be given a Weekly Measurable Results Form to track your progress and help you zero in on any challenges.

4. Master Food Log Reviews
The 7-Day Master Food Log is an in-depth look at your eating choices, patterns and trouble spots.

5. Weigh-ins
Accountability is the key to weight loss success. This allows us to celebrate all the little steps along the way, and fine-tune what’s working.

6. Nutrition Notes and Goal Sheet
After each session you will be armed with new insights, suggestions and concrete steps to take until we meet again.

7. Unlimited Lifelines
There will be times when you need a hand to grab on to, a shoulder to cry on, or a reason not to finish off the chocolate cake in the fridge. These emergency emails are meant to be reassurance when you are losing focus or need to hear a voice of reason. If you throw it out there, I will grab it.

8. Supervised 7-Day Flat Belly Detox (*6 month package only)
An all-natural detox to help you jumpstart weight loss and break food addictions like sugar, wheat and dairy.

PLUS, handouts, quizzes, worksheets, articles, recipes, etc. Anything and everything to help you succeed